“Designers with merely an excellent eye may satisfy some homeowners.  Cathy Schager possesses not only state of the art vision that will give you a beautiful home but the ability to both listen to your lifestyle needs and adhere to your timeline and budget as well.  It was truly a pleasure working with Cathy.”

Susan Ardell

” The truth is, in the 30 years I’ve lived in this house I’ve spent maybe the total of one full day in this room.  Now I spend most of my day here”

Miff Ardell


4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Trish W says:

    Cathy recently helped me redecorate our living and family rooms, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I especially appreciated how well Cathy listened to my ideas for these rooms and then applied her creativity (and persistence!) to translate my vision into a beautiful reality. Cathy also has great communications skills and was sensitive to our budgetary needs.

  2. Carole Hartman says:

    Working with Cathy was a delight. Her ability to pinpoint my taste was “spot on.” She designed gorgeous, but comfortable rooms, within both my budget and needs. Cathy will definetly be part of my future decorating projects.

  3. Here’s a testimonial for you!
    Working with Cathy is a joy — she listens to her client’s desires and then designs the space that they have dreamed about. Cathy has a unique ability to blend an ecclectic, yet classical, style into a room that is truly outstanding. She is patient, thorough and truly creative!

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